Seal of the Sutro: Defining Leather Cuts

Seal of the Sutro: Defining Leather Cuts

Seal of the Sutro: Defining Leather Cuts



In the ever so changing fashion world having a unique twist on a classic silhouette can open up a world of possibilities. One of our premier brands here at On The Edge, Seal of Sutro, has featured cutting edge takes on iconic silhouettes to bring together a combined sense of modern and vintage vibes. Throughout Sutro's collections you'll notice experimentations of modern influence on classic designs from Chelseas to sandals.



Standard Cut 

The classic simplistic cut of leather is simply wrapped and consistent throughout the silhouette. As seen here on the Lee model, the leather carries out an elegant smooth finish that adds character with wear. 


                                        Woven Cut


The hand woven cut was popularized in the late 60s-early 70s as a staple to the progressive hippy movement. The woven texture in modern times gives off a very luxurious that is very detail oriented. Not many manufactures take the time to construct woven structures due to the complexity and the sophisticated skill it takes to mass produce such a style. Sutro however offers hand woven models such as this Sharon Woven Chelsea bootie. This model features a completely hand made unique take on the classic Chelsea silhouette.


                        Laser Cut



As advancements in technology grow the world of fashion will continue to turn with new groundbreaking innovations like the laser cut. The laser cut adds a modern twist to practically any silhouette it touches. This model by Sutro is no exception! The Balance model features a timeless loafer silhouette with a hint of laser cut throughout it's middle panel. 


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