Do You Know On The Edge Shoes?

Do You Know On The Edge Shoes?

Do You Know On The Edge Shoes?

Hi everyone! It is another year over and the Blackhawk store has turned 5! *throws confetti* It is amazing to see the growth of the business from where it all first began. A lot has happened in the lead up to this milestone, and what other way is there but to chat to the beautiful faces behind On The Edge Shoes.

Let’s give them a warm round of applause!

  • Introduce yourselves!
    • Candace: Hi! I am Candace and I have worked at On The Edge for just about 5 years now.
    • Michael: Hello, I’m Michael and I have worked at On The Edge for over 2 years. I’ve been in the footwear industry for over 10 years beginning in San Francisco and am very lucky to now be running On The Edge.
  • What is it like working together as a married couple?
    • Candace: It’s great! It is fun working together because we get to collaborate on ideas and make them happen. Work is so much more enjoyable being able to do it together.
    • Michael: It’s awesome. I feel that strong communication is vital to a business and a relationship and working together has strengthened both. I really enjoy being able to spend more time together!
  • Can you briefly describe a typical week at On The Edge?
    • Candace: My top priority is always helping customers. Spring is always a busy time for us so focusing on filling in top sellers is a task that we do daily.
    • Michael: A typical week begins by laying out the goals that need to be accomplished for that week, then focusing on each day. Retail is dynamic and there is always something to do or improve, especially with all the different roles Candace and I fulfill. I try to be on the floor as much as possible as customers are always our priority, so most of the work I do is done on the floor helping customers.
  • What aspects of your work do you enjoy?
    • Candace: I love helping people find the perfect shoe! I think that my favorite part will always be the relationships I have formed over the years with our customers. And of course, being the person to pick out all of the shoes for them, it is a lot of fun!
    • Michael: I really enjoy all the moving parts involved in running an independent business. Buying product, inventory and sales analysis’, working with the staff, building displays and merchandising, and working with Candace.
  • How do you pick the shoes to stock in your stores?
    • Candace: We try to cultivate a collection that is based on customers’ wants and feedback on past styles. We like to find unique shoes that people won’t see everywhere they go.
    • Michael: We take our time to go find more specific product that is good quality and unique looking. It is also important to listen to our customers!
  • Where do you want to go on your next vacation?
    • Candace: I really want to go on a trip to Iceland and explore the outdoors. It looks like such a majestic place.
    • Michael: I think Iceland would be interesting, but I would also like to go to Scotland.
  • What makes On The Edge unique?
    • Candace: The aesthetic of the store. Both of our stores are unique. We try and make people feel like they are at home when they come into our stores.
    • Michael: The cultural, the aesthetic, and the wide selection of product that people know and unique product that you do not see everywhere.
  • Any further comments?
    • Candace: Thanks for your continued support!
    • Michael: We are very lucky to be doing what we do and thank you to all the customers that support us.

 Thank you so much Michael and Candace! Congratulations to On The Edge for an outstanding 5 years, and for many years to come!

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If you would like to know more about On The Edge, please leave your questions/comments below, and we can answer them! Thank you.


  • Congratulations on the achievement! You both are awesome 👏

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