Aloha to the Olukai Nohea Moku/Mesh & Pehuea/Waialua

Aloha to the Olukai Nohea Moku/Mesh & Pehuea/Waialua

Aloha to the Olukai Nohea Moku/Mesh & Pehuea/Waialua

Olukai is a brand with strong values, creating footwear that is both durable, comfortable and designed with craftsmanship. 

"We view our approach today as part of a path; a journey that started with our ancestors that have passed down stories, values, and spirit. We believe that sustainability and positive living is less about an ethos and more about the choices that you make everyday. It's about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others." - Olukai


Olukai Nokea Moku Dark Shadow
olukai nohea noku close ups

Nohea Moku/Mesh 

(noh-heh-ah moh-koo) Translation: Handsome

Inspired by the creative spirit of the islands, these sneakers are unique, modern and full of comfort. With their signature Drop-In Heel®, all-weather non-marking rubber outsole, removable and washable footbed plus breathable durable materials built for in and around water, you will be ready for any adventure!


olukai pehuea womens
olukai pehuea close ups

Pehuea (front pair)

(peh-hoo-eh-ah) Translation: A Rising Wind

These are the classic sneakers for women, made with lightweight and breathable textile that is soft and quick-drying. Designed uniquely to suit any lifestyle with its easy slip on and off functionality, the Pehuea sneakers are my go-to footwear of choice, and maybe yours too! 

Waialua Mesh (back pair)

(wah-ee-ah-loo-ah) Translation: A Town on North Shore Oahu

Featuring beautiful hand-sewn moccasin stitch and a very breathable mesh, it looks and plays the part in your everyday wardrobe.


The Drop-In Heel® in action.

olukai drop in heel animation 

Live Aloha! 

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